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Home Switch

Piezo switch
Capacitive switch
Indicator Light
Push Button Switch
Pushbutton Enclosures
Vandal Resistant Switch
Dip Switch
Foot Switch
Limit Switch
Micro Switch
Toggle Switch
Interlock Switch
Rotary Switch/ Cam Switch

Temperature Control

Fan & Fan Filter
Fan Heaters
Hazardous Area Heater
Airflow Monitor
Hazardous Area Thermostat
Kettle Thermostat
Thermal Protector
Bimetal Thermostat
Capillary Thermostat
Twinkling Thermostat
Snap-Action Thermostat

Circuit Protection/ Control

AC & DC Contactor
Thermal Overload Relay
Circuit Breaker
Panel Meter
Current Transformer
Power Supply
Switching Power Supply
Fuse Wire
Fuse Link
Fuse Base
Fuse Alarm
Drop Out Fuse
Automobile Fuse
Limit Current Fuse
Fuse Carrier (Handle)
Fuse Disconnector Switch

Switchgear and Switch Board

Plastic Distribution Board
Modular System
Wall Mounting Enclosure
Floor Standing Enclosure
Stainless Steel Enclosure

Wiring Accessories

Insulated Terminals
Cable Gland
Bus-Bar Insulator
Neutral Bars
Connection Boxes
Terminal Blocks
Din Rail, BusBar
Flexible Conduits
Cable Ties
Wiring Duct
Tie Mounts
Cable Clamp
Cable Marker
Wire Connectors
Spiral Wrapping Band
Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Braided Wire & Connectors


Cable Cutter
Cable Stripper
Crimping Tools
Hydraulic Tools
Battery Powered Tools


Signal Tower
Warning Light
Motor Siren

Fluorescent Lamp

Waterproof, Dustproof and Moistureproof Fluorescent Lamp

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