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Self-Adhesive Tie Mounts

Self-Adhesive Tie Mounts
  • Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2 ,certificated by UL, the back attached sponge glue imported .
  • Usage: Peel the sponge glue and stick on the wall then, bundle the wire with cable ties.
  • Application: For bundling wires and other things save time and convenient used for the wall which can't be made a hole in.
Item No. L x W H
Screw Hole
TM-20 20x20 6.1 5.0 2.9
TM-25 25x25 7.5 6.2 3.5
TM-30 30x30 8.7 6.4 4.5
TM-40 40x40 6.4 10.8 /
AAM-1 19x19 4.6 4.4 /
AAM-2 28x28 6.4 5.4 5.5


Self-Adhesive Tie Mounts
  • Nylon 66, (C-1;C-2). certificated by UL, high grade steel or stainless steel ; sponge double side sticker.
  • Usage: Remove the sticker protect paper, stick the clip on the wall, then put the wire through the clip.
  • Character: Convenient for use, it is especial suit for the no-holes of wall.
Item No. L x W Matrial
C-1 17x12 PA66
C-2 20x14 PA66
CB-3 20x10 stainless steel or Steel
CB-4 25x15
CB-5 30x20


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