Cable Lug & Connector

T/J Copper Bolt Connectors

T/J Copper Bolt Connectors


    It's suitable for the sequence and transportation of all kinds of conductor in electric network, made of copper.
Type L M H S
T/J-16 20 M17x2.5 6 18
T/J-25 27 M19x2.5 7 20
T/J-35 35 M21x2.5 7 22
T/J-50/70 42 M23x2.5 11 24
T/J-90/120 45 M25x2.5 14 26
T/J-150/185 60 M29x2.5 17 30
T/J-200/240 62, 72 M31x2.5 20 32


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