AC & DC Contactor




LC1-K06, 09, 12
LC1-K06, 09, 12
  • LC1-K series AC contactor is suitable for use in the circuit up to the rate and frequentstarting, controlling the AC motor. The addition of auxiliary contact group to the contactor, com-bined with the proper thermal relay, can act to protect the circuit bound to overload.
  • It conformsto IEC60947-4-1.

Technical Data

Type LC1-K06 LC1-K09 LC1-K12
Rating working voltage(V) 380V AC-3 6 9 12
AC-4 2.6 3.5 5
Appointed heating current(A) 16 20 20
The max current when turn on(A) 380V 60 90 120
660V 72 108 144
The max current for turn off(A) 380V 48 72 96
660V 60 90 120
Three phases cage motors power
which can be pulled AC3(KW)
220v 1.5 2.2 3
380v 2.2 4 5.5
660v 3 4 4
Operation frequency(time/hour) Electricity life(x104) AC-3 1200
AC-4 300
Electrical lfie AC-3 5x106
AC-4 1x105
Mechanical life 3x106


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