Fluorescent Lamp

Waterproof, Dustproof and Moistureproof Fluorescent Lamp


T8B Series


T8B Single Lamps 1x18W, 1x36W, 1x58WSingle Lamps 1x18W, 1x36W, 1x58W
T8B Double Lamps 2x18W, 2x36W, 2x58WDouble Lamps 2x18W, 2x36W, 2x58W
  • Body: Injection moulded,opaque UV stabilized polycarbonate body, waterproof gasket in natural silicon gel,with reinforcing ribs.Secure the gear tray by "T" shape rotated supports,with plastic gear tray holder connected to the body for easy installation and maintenance.Closing clips in polycarbonate or stainless steel.Vandal sroof,clips should be opened by tool,not by hand.
  • Reflector: White-coated flat metal plate.
  • Diffuser: Injection moulded,transparent UV stabilized polycarbonate diffuser,highly impact resistant,It features prismatic design with good anti-dazzling effect.
    Sealed Mounting & Connection Clip


Type Lamps Protection  Clip QTY. Dimensions(mm) QTY./CTN
Packing Szie
V3118B 1x18W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 6 660 100 110 416 6 685x245x415
V3136B 1x36W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 10 1270 100 110 880 6 1295x245x315
V3158B 1x58W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 12 1570 100 110 1180 6 1595x245X315
V3218B 2x18W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 6 660 150 110 416 9 685x345x315
V3236B 2x36W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 10 1270 150 110 880 4 1295x345x215
V3258B 2x58W T8 G13 IP65/ IK08 12 1570 150 110 1180 4 1595x345x215




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