Panel Meter

Panel Meter


General Features




    ABS & PC Material.
    Protection degree (CEI 70-1, IEC 529) IP52 for the case.
    Protection degree (CEI 70-1, IEC 529) IP00 for terminals.

Accuracy Class

    Alt the instruments are manufactured in 1.0 1.5 2.5 accuracy class (if no special indications).
    The precision for reduced scale instuments (F2-F3-F5) will be<20%, with stop time <2 second.


    All amperometry circuits support an overloadof 1.2 in continuous and 10 in during 5 seconds.

Working Voltage: 650V

    Test voltage: 2000V-50Hz/60Hz, for 1 minute


    Insulation reference voltage 0.6KV.Working temperature20°C(±10°C)working range between -25°C ~ +55°C


    ±0.25mm amplitude at 50Hz/60Hz(CE68-2-6).


    Ambient relative humidity 85% without condensing, with 35°C tem-perature for max. 60 days per year.Yearly average humidity must benot higher than 65%(DIN 40040).

Tropical Version

    95% relative humidity.for a maximum of 30 days per year.

Mounting Position

    The normal execution of our instruments is for vertical mounting.theother mounting positions are known in advance, please indicate theangle of inclination when ordering.


    The full scale deflections correspond to DIN 4371.
    The scale divisions correspond to DIN 43802.

Special Excution

    General features:

  • Tropical version
  • Red stroke at any point on the scale
  • Red stripe on the scale
  • Additional lettering
  • Anti-refiection glass
  • Internal illumination (when possible)
  • Test voltage higher than 2000V
  • Knife edge pointer and scale with mirror reading
  • Red pointer adjustable from the exterior
  • Scale for other rangesscale with double numbering
  • Scale with double sats of numbering divisions.
  • Moving Coil Instruments

  • Scale with zero point in the middle or displaced
  • Range differing from standard series
  • Two/three/four range voltmetersTwo range ammeters(3 terminals)
  • Adjustment to other internal resistance for am-metersInternal resistance for voltmeters from 1 to 600V: 1000Ω/V, 4000Ω/V, 10000Ω/V, 20000Ω/V
  • Separate resistorbox for 1000V and 1500V
  • Suppressed zero
  • Accuracy class 1
  • Potentiometer adjustable from the exterior (20% FSD)
  • Moving Iron Voltmeters and Ammeters Calibration for Other Ranges

  • Range for voltmeters differing form standard series
  • Range for ammeters differing form standard serieies
  • Ammeters with 2 in-3 in-5 in overload capacity
  • Two range voltmeters (3 terminal)
  • Two range ammeters (3 terminal) (max 10A)
  • Calibration for A.C and D.C. (max. 50A)
  • Separate resistance for 1000V and 1500V
  • Accuracy class 1 (only 50-60 Hz)
  • Wattmeters

  • Scale with zero point in the middle or displaced
  • Nominal current 5A (per element)
  • Double-triple voltage
  • Double current
  • Power Factor Meter

  • Non-standard voltage
  • Reed Frequency Meters

  • Non-standard voltage
  • Double volage (when possible)

Symbole of the main measuring units and the prin-cipals multiples and submultipes

Symbols Description
Electronic device in a measure circuit
Rectifier(instrument with A.C. input).
Additional resistor
Zero setting device(of the field measure amplitude)
General accessories
Ground terminal
Positive terminal
Negative terminal
1.0 1.5 2.5 Class index(for ex.1)except when the conventional value corresponds to the scale length or to the indicated value or to measure range
D.C.circuit and/or measure mark which corresponds to D.C.
A.C.circuit and/or measure mark which corresponds to A.C.
D.C. and/or A.C.circuit and /or measure mark which corresponds to D.C.and to A.C.
Testing voltage higher than 500V(for example 2kV)
Instrument to be used with vertical scale
Instrument to be used with scale inclined compared to the horizontal(for example 60°)-on request
Moving coil for D.C. instruments
Moving iron instrument for A.C. instruments
Bimetal instrument
Vibrating reeds instrument

Outline and Mounting Dimensions

Outline and Mounting Dimensions Outline and Mounting Dimensions Outline and Mounting Dimensions
Outline and Mounting Dimensions Outline and Mounting Dimensions Outline and Mounting Dimensions
Model A B C D E F
96X96 96 92 90 5.5 65 43
72X72 72 68 66 5.5 65 43
48X48 48 44 42 5.5 65 43


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